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Fishing in Norway

The sea is for everyone. How can you find the good fishing spots? How can you get to deep water without a boat? What fish can you catch? What bait should you use? The main article guides you on these topics. You may catch as much fish as you can eat, and you can even take 15 kg with you out of Norway.

Get Stuff for FREE in Norway

You will find that in Norway there are resources available for those who appreciate it.

The Book about Norway

This book offers some tantalizing glimpses of Norwegian nature.

From the coast and mountains.

From bustling cities and unspoilt wilderness.

Your Social Benefits

A reason many people feel relaxed and are able to take good care of their family in Norway is because the benefits in Norway are the insurance for the population to get support and care in times when they need special help.

Remain Legal in Norway

A legal stay in Norway will make you part of the Norwegian care system. Norway is not an unstructured country where you may just come, do some work for a Norwegian business and be accepted if you are not registered the right way.


When you finally get a job offer, the salary will be a topic for you. It will be of value to know if this offer is in accordance with the market and to be informed so you can have an open and honest discussion. The fact that you are informed will also mean you are given respect. This is very valuable.

Informed Decisions Detailed Guide

Moving is a big step. You will be happy to find the answers you need in one article. As you may see, NowGuide also provides members with inside information on numerous topics and this article will cover many of them.

Living and Working in Norway

A new life, a new beginning, how exciting! You would be even more excited if you got to know more about it. Get to know what Norway is like!