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NowGuide is the ‘Start of a good relationship with Norway.’ NowGuide helps people and companies to reach their goals in Norway. We guide international individuals including:

Students       Businesses       Jobseekers

to be a valuable resource to Norway, and show that Norway is a desirable country for education, business, and employment.

We do not only provide information but also offer you how-to guides, step-by-step guides, downloads and templates as tools for you as a member going into business in Norway and achieving success. Membership is FREE.

NowGuide will continue to deliver according to the interest in the market, for the benefit of our members. We like to offer the best possible service and information and to continue opening doors to the future.

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The Norwegian company Norjob Norge AS is responsible for NowGuide.

Norwegian Organization Number: 998 994 608

Postal address:

Storasteinen 20,
NO-4318 Sandnes,


From early 2000 Norjob started to provide support between the Norwegian market and overseas educated, skilled personnel. Norjob Norge AS has since moved from Stavanger to Sandnes and has extended the services it provides.

NowGuide is interested in any cooperation and exploration to better serve our members.

NowGuide – Start your good relationship with Norway.