Information on Living in Norway

Approved Education

Recognition of foreign education in Norway

Who to contact and how.

Get Free Stuff in Norway

Get stuff for free in Norway

Norwegian Resources, provided for free.

Informed Decisions

Make an informed decision about you and Norway. The details you would like to know.
In order to be able to make informed decisions about mobility,

job-seekers and employers need information on

a wide range of practical,

legal and administrative questions.

This document provides information which aim to give

help and support when considering moving

to Norway from another country.

Living and Working in Norway

The quick way to learn about living and working in Norway

Your Social Benefits

There are a lot of social benefits i Norway that you should know about. Here you will find an overview of the most commonly known benefits that you can apply for.

Remain Legal in Norway

Come to Norway and Remain Legal.
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