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Understand Norwegian Sites

Many Norwegian sites offer services for Norwegians, in the Norwegian language, but these may be just the services you are looking for too. Get the sites translated.

Accounting in Norway

Keeping accounts is not just an obligation; thoroughly prepared accounts are the best tool available to you in the management of your enterprise.


Not a Norwegian bank, but rather a company representing different investors or a company looking for an easy way to gain more money? The interest charge is sky high, and the service, the correspondence and the information once you need it is close to non-existent.

Becoming an Employer

This is the right time for taking a serious look around for partners and employees. In this guide we will look at some of the most common issues that can arise once you have employees.

Starting a New Norwegian Business

There are several instruments which in different ways can help during the process leading to self-employment, and furthermore help you with all possible questions in the years thereafter. This guide will provide comments and additional information to the official information and guides that are also included in the article.

Contact Info for Trading

Norway is the 9th easiest country to do business in according to the World Bank Report 2015. Norway is a sophisticated and established market, having a long and trusted trading relationship with most countries.

Your Social Benefits

A reason many people feel relaxed and are able to take good care of their family in Norway is because the benefits in Norway are the insurance for the population to get support and care in times when they need special help.

Remain Legal in Norway

A legal stay in Norway will make you part of the Norwegian care system. Norway is not an unstructured country where you may just come, do some work for a Norwegian business and be accepted if you are not registered the right way.

Informed Decisions Detailed Guide

Moving is a big step. You will be happy to find the answers you need in one article. As you may see, NowGuide also provides members with inside information on numerous topics and this article will cover many of them.

Investigate a Business

Get to know who you are dealing with.
As you are new to the Norwegian professional market, it may be of interest to do some investigation into the business you are interested in.

Find the needed business information on any Norwegian Business.

As new to the Norwegian professional market, it may be of interest to do some investigation on the business you are interested in.