Understand Norwegian Sites

Many Norwegian sites offer services for Norwegians, in the Norwegian language, but these may be just the services you are looking for too. Get the sites translated.

How to Get a Job in Norway

You can get a job in Norway. You may even have an advantage and a better possibility than native Norwegians. We would be pleased to tell you how to get the job. Get the help and tools.

Accounting in Norway

Keeping accounts is not just an obligation; thoroughly prepared accounts are the best tool available to you in the management of your enterprise.

Fishing in Norway

The sea is for everyone. How can you find the good fishing spots? How can you get to deep water without a boat? What fish can you catch? What bait should you use? The main article guides you on these topics. You may catch as much fish as you can eat, and you can even take 15 kg with you out of Norway.


Not a Norwegian bank, but rather a company representing different investors or a company looking for an easy way to gain more money? The interest charge is sky high, and the service, the correspondence and the information once you need it is close to non-existent.


Get Stuff for FREE in Norway

You will find that in Norway there are resources available for those who appreciate it.

Free Education

The Book about Norway

This book offers some tantalizing glimpses of Norwegian nature.

From the coast and mountains.

From bustling cities and unspoilt wilderness.